The View Settles With The Rittenhouses For $22 Million and a Formal Apology

ABC’s The View will compose a written apology to Kyle Rittenhouse and his mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, and deliver it along with a check for $22 million. The Rittenhouse’s spokesman, Joe Barron, says the settlement didn’t take long and “wasn’t very difficult.”

Apparently, the show’s producers have been eager to settle the matter to get them away from all the bad press. In the past few months, story after story about Whoopi Goldberg’s suspensions and firings along with reports of more than 11 lawsuits filed have the show’s team wondering if it was worth it at all.

According to our records, the bulk of the attacks against The View come from sites pretending to be right-wing propaganda when actually they’re leftist trolls making fun of Trump supporters. None of the lawsuits have been true so far, but this one definitely is.

We promise.

The apology must include the words “Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a murderer” at least four times, according to a friend with inside knowledge on several other matters. “What I don’t know is why the math is before the science,” said the source, “or what that even means.”

Our editors report that if the math is before the science, most likely none of it will make any sense, meaning Rittenhouse is definitely coming out ahead on this one.

God bless America.



    • Whoopi and Joy need to be named in the letter saying how wrong they were and that they’re extremely sorry, and then they should have to read it on air.

    • It’s very sad that the youth of this country are ridiculed for having their own beliefs. It is none of anybody’s business, including the ladies on The View, to sit there and shame ANYONE for believing is something other than what they believe it. That show is a joke. It doesn’t take into consideration anyone else’s view, only theirs. People and young adults especially, should be allowed to voice their own opinions and go out and demonstrate, if that is what they want to do, for what they believe in. I’m so tired of listening to Hollywood constantly pushing for Democrats when clearly the current administration is a complete mess. Say what you want about Trump, but we weren’t paying 75.00 a week for gas, and the economy was doing great – which at the end of the day, is all that I, as a US citizen, care about.

  1. Trumplicans continue showing the world just how ignorant and hateful they are, and they are so proud of it. The constant lying is shocking, especially since they stick together to promote the lies without ever producing anything productive for this country – they only keep tearing it down. Their days are numbered.

      • We ALL lost Rob. Just open your eyes and look around. It doesn’t matter who’s in office they all keep taking our $.

    • Deb nicke you can’t really be that fucking dumb can you. It’s the dumbfuckocrats who are the ones who keep lying. Three years of lies saying Trump was involved in Russian collusion and now look who it actually came from the cunt Clinton. The left has lost law suite after law suite for defamation how can you be so blind and dumb and still be allowed to breathe

      • Mike, I am going to have to call you out on BS. Deb Nicke can really be that dumb and it’s quite apparent that she is. All those leftists do is scream “there’s no proof”, “it’s all a lie”, “Trump is a bad man”. Even after evidence is shared. Even when the actual truth does come out and the propagandist editorial staff and the white house trolls quick run damage control to change the narrative (every single time. It’s pointless arguing with crazy. I just read that CISA is backpeddling on their report on Dominion. And what about Hunters laptop ignored by the DOJ and FBI. Its not an issue with the probability, its the retarded magical math these dimwitcrats use to prove their point. Brandon actually said inflation and high gas prices is a good thing. And people like Deb lap it up. So who really cares what her opinion is? Just an echo of garbage we taxpayers have had to put up with since 2020 (and prior -witchunts and more tax money spent on hoax colusions) ***Drops Mic***

        • You need to pick up that mic sir, cuz you have no reason to drop it. Your comment is so laced with falsehoods it’s embarrassing. You’re what’s wrong with America. Go back to your cabin in the woods with your AR’s and 2nd amendment bullshit and such.

        • Annoyed and Calling BS, I couldn’t have said it better. You are 100% spot on.

      • Way to Say it Mike ! A blue brain 🧠 is a Dead brain dumocraps disaster as always.

    • Deb, if you are not a bot, I actually feel sorry for you. The truth is out and you refuse to accept what’s right in front of you. You are captivated by lies.

      • It… uh… was actually pretty clear that it is satire and is mocking conservatives that see a headline and then go apeshit jizzing in their pants. The category of the article alone makes that pretty clear. “Weird hero Worship Satire” on a site whose About Us page reads; is a subsidiary of the “America’s Last Line of Defense” network of parody, satire, and tomfoolery, or as Snopes called it before they lost their war on satire: Junk News

        About Satire

        Before you complain and decide satire is synonymous with “comedy”:

        sat·ire ˈsaˌtī(ə)r noun: The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, OR ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

        Everything on this website is fiction. It is not a lie and it is not fake news because it is not real. If you believe that it is real, you should have your head examined. Any similarities between this site’s pure fantasy and actual people, places, and events are purely coincidental and all images should be considered altered and satirical. See above if you’re still having an issue with that satire thing.

        lol get your shit together, dude.

        • Talking about stupid, Snopes is definitely not satire. They are the progressive lie machine.

    • You do realize that we have the highest level of inflation in history in the US today under JoeBama and the Democrats, who control the WH, Senate and House?
      Gasoline is from $4 to over $6.
      Babies don’t get formula.
      Families have to choose which bills to pay, or if to pay at all to cover groceries.
      Because of JoeBama the Taliban in Afghanistan is the most heavily armed terror group in the world.
      Concurrent high number of job openings and high unemployment.
      Highest National Debt ever!
      54 Billion to a country the Dems used as an ATM to secure their borders NOT OUR OWN!
      Record number of illegals entering the US because JoeBama junta won’t enforce existing laws.
      Campaigned on unity but has spread division since he sat in the president’s chair.

    • Every politician lies, but if you can handle all the shit the Democrats are doing to this country You’re as big of a piece of shit as they are

    • Deb don’t be stupid, trump has done more good for this country in one week than biden could do in a lifetime. I thought Obama was the worst president we’ve ever had, well biden is by far the worst!!!

    • You’re talking about the dems aren’t u? Because you’re describing Democrats to a T!!

    • Trump never lied. Everything he said about the spying on him was laughed at by the media, but all was proving true. I have giving you enough of my time. Next time have a long list of things you think Trumplicans have lied about and with proof.

    • You have not seen nor can u stop what is about to happen. Why not move to Venezuela

    • There IS help for your mental ilness in today’s world… I am sure they can help with your cranial rectalinversion

    • Deb, Trumpians are happy while you and the never Trumpers are sad, angry, and unhappy. You are on the wrong side of history.

    • You can’t be serious? You like everything that’s going on? THis president said he would end Covid, gas is up over 100%, food is up, utilities are up, interest rates are up education is up. You can’t be happy with all of this, Not to mention that this present a new about the baby formula shortage and did nothing about it. He’d rather give it to people that aren’t even from our country

    • Obviously a democratic view. You must be soooo proud of Biden 🤣🤣🤣

    • How is it a lie when millions watched it KAREN you snowflakes are a special kind of stupid.

    • Geez lady, you sure are a liberal fukn dumbass! Just like those ladies are! Proof is in the pudding sunshine and your taste is for SHIT!

    • Well looks the “Trumplicans” aren’t who spewed hate here. I think you posted on the wrong article- haha. This kid got a deserved payday

    • Narcissism is when you lie and call somebody else a liar. How is life as a narcissist

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Tell us one good thing that Biden has done, in comparison to all the many great things Trump did for this country. At least Trump won the last election and didn’t cheat. Biden did not win the election, and that has been proven by many.

    • “Trumplicans?” Very creative. Kyle Rittenhouse had every right to protect his life, and that case was pretty much open and shut from the start. Nothing there was a lie. Capitalism isn’t a lie, but Socialism fails everywhere it has been tried. Getting revenge on innocent white people who have nothing to do with racism is a lie. Unlimited genders and pregnant men is a lie. Is there ANYTHING the Democratic Party does today that carries with it even a shred of common sense? I don’t think so. You’re a bunch of fools.

    • Deb you can’t really y be that stupid really! You better open your eyes and pull your head out ya you know what! Wow really just wow!!!

    • I love Trump for making America a better place ,unlike it is now, with Biden.When Trump was in office, the economy was good, gas prices were low and he tried to stop the anarchist protesting that was diving this country. Trump was rebuilding America to how it was before, the most powerful country. USA is falling to pieces under the hands of liberals. Life was better when Trump was in office.You should ask WHY there are Trumpeters, try to understand the big picture instead of behaving like an angry, empty-opinionated person. Dig deep and stop assuming.

    • I think you have your wording backwords…the demoncrats have destroyed this county and are still continuing to do so, but keep trying to blame everyone but themselves…i guess you are enjoying this inflation that biden blames putin for…but a year ago he was blaming trump for the inflation…your president cant even get out a full cognitive sentence without his mind drifting into space and him starting to talk gibberish about something way off topic, but cornpop was a bad dude😂😂😂

    • You have republicans and democrats mixed up. Liberals are stupid people.

    • Sit down and shut-up you ugly man-woman…you’re too stupid and ugly to live!

    • Deb Nicke.
      Anyone that begins their angry comment with childish name calling isn’t worth the time. You’re just showing your colors – the red of anger; the green of jealousy and the deep orange of confusion and helplessness.
      I truly feel very sorry for people like you. Sadly, you’ll remain in that confused and angry state of mind because it’s somehow comforting to you.

    • You made my country this way. Don’t blame Donald Trump or people who voted for him. I didn’t hate anyone until people like you caused grievous damage to the most prosperous and free nation on earth. I disagreed with people, but as long as we considered each others’ rights, I actually had friends and family on the other side of many of these discussions. That time has come and gone.

      You own this. I don’t.

      I spent most of my life overseas and I came back to what things are now.

      You should be ashamed. If I did anything like you have done, I would blow my brains out from the shame.

      But you have no shame. And now, I hate. A hate which your immediate-gratification existence has not the ability to comprehend. And I hate you.

    • Deb, Your comments show that you are the ignorant one. Talk about lies, look at the fool you voted for. I guess you think inflation and gas prices are good and productive for the country. You have to learn the difference between what is good for the country. As bad as Trump was, he did good for the country, accept truth you foolish, blinded by hate person.

    • Are you crazy? Have you been to a gas pump, grocery store, or watched anything but CNN?

    • You have got to be kidding….name one good thing these idiots in office have done that has benefitted this country or its people….then please tell me the lies you are talking about…please

    • Are you clueless, did you even research what really happened……..because if you did you would know he wasn’t lying. Sad you can’t see what the democrats are doing to our world.

    • Democrat leftest are the haters, there is more democrat exodus to become republicans than the other way around. Explain that fact. People are scurrying away from California not Texas, explain that fact as well.

    • Really Deb, our country was very productive, energy efficient and safe borders too. Please fix your spelling of they’re. And we are not hateful. I wish you well in health and prosperity.

    • TEARING IT DOWN????? if i remember it was you dipshit dems that burned all them cities down protesting for that piece of shit george floyd, lies????? like hilarys emails?????? give me a fucking break you dems are destroying this country look how much the price of everything is now cause of you fuck faces, gas? food? look at all the crime now since you idiot dems. ukraine is bidens fault . you dems are the worst, you are all trash period.

    • Its not the Trump supporters who lie. Its been proven its the left who are lieing. Look at the current president and cabinet. They’ve not only lied to the people. They are ruining our economy and our country.

    • “Trumplicans”??
      the fact you just used that term to insult anyone just shows the level of mentality and IQ you use in day to day life…..grow up.

    • Trumplicans got America fuel sufficient. They never gave the Taliban billions of dollars in weapons. Never ran out of baby formula. Never tore down statues. Never burnt down cities.
      And never won an election with the cemetery vote. Again, name 1 good thing Bumbling Biden has done for America.

    • i needed to see a stupid reply that makes me laugh hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

    • You are brainwashed. You’re oversized ego and foolish pride won’t let you admit that you are wrong and partly responsible for the horrible condition that Democrats have put our nation in. Shame on you!

    • Spoken like a true indoctrinated Leftist. You are a SHEEPLE. You need to wake up before it’s too late. The NWO doesn’t care if you are Right or Left. They are trying to kill us all. Coe of Pfizer wants to kill 1/2 the world population. Around 3.5 BILLION people by 2023.. They are coming for you too KAREN.

    • Where have you been? Sleepy Joe has all but destroyed our economy and he couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it!

    • Deb, it is obvious that you would not know the difference between the truth and the lie that bites you in your far point of contact, the MSMs and the Democrats in lock step have lied about everything they do, have done and will do.

    • You are a bitter lesbian still mad at the world that hilary lost ! Your man biden sure has things working like a well oiled machine . Go wash your flannel shirts and shave your head !

  2. everyone is under attack from the view unless your a black criminal, a leftist socialist communist POS and a woman who just watched her new born die because she could. Rittenhouse had a gun pointed at his head. Think that is easy to handle? I’ve been attacked by four people at once. If I had a weapon I would have killed everyone of them. Years later i still have that kill instinct to protect myself. Women on the view have no clue what it’s like top be under attack.and neither do many other people. The had no right to name call this kid and harass him publicly. I have never seen so many low life nasty people in my life as there are watching the view and in the audience. Now you can see why NYC is going to be another shit hole.

  3. Liberals:we’re allowed to write fake stories with plausible headlines intentionally trying to mislead the public and say it’s satire.

    On average, Liberal men (if you can figure out who you are) have 20% less testosterone than moderate democrats who themselves, already have less testosterone than conservative men. Everyone that works for this site should call upstairs to their mom and ask how much drugs she did when she was pregnant.

  4. Dems are as dumb as a box of rocks!?I can not understand their way of thinking for the life of me.. except God has blinded their eyes.. it’s too late for them

  5. I would like to see the money for paying off this settlement come DIRECTLY from the hosts’ salaries. Alas, it will not, and they will not have learned anything from this outcome.

  6. Can someone be so stupid and ignorant? For real, this people only yell and insult when they don’t have arguments to discuss an adult conversation because they don’t know the facts, they just repeat things like parrots!

  7. The “ladies” of the View need to have their show cancelled, all they do is spout hate and rile people with their racist views.

  8. You folks need to check the copyright of this site before going off on the headline… “Copyright 1776 – 2906 – Paid Liberal Trolls of America”. Lefticles having fun at your expense.

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