Tucker Carlson Slaps CNN With $100 Million Lawsuit for Saying He’s to Blame for Buffalo Shooting

Tucker Carlson is tired of the liberal media saying he’s responsible for “breeding” hateful people like the man who shot up the grocery store in upstate New York. The Buffalo shooter is, according to CNN, “a direct result of Tucker Carlson and people like him who spew hateful drivel for ratings.” The segment aired along with a bunch of statistics about Trump supporters being morons and Carlson fans being racists.

Tucker’s personal attorney, Joe Barron, Esq., says he filed a motion to proceed with a writ of action against CNN for its “indifferent intolerance,” whatever that means. He’s asking for $100 million in damages and a court order denying CNN the right to ever use Carlson’s name for any reason, ever.

CNN’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says the network has the right to its opinion, just as Fox News had the right to argue in open court that nobody with an IQ over 80 should take Tucker Carlson seriously. “CNN stands in its belief that Tucker Carlson will go down in history alongside propagandists like Goebbels,” Tubolls said in a statement, ” he’s an absolute waste of airspace and his garbage should be illegal.”

Carlson’s attorney responded back that the latest statement would also cost the network big, and that he looks forward to providing us with a quote for that article, most likely sometime next week.

~God bless America.